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Funding a startup is one of the most difficult challenges any entrepreneur will face. Having personally founded over a dozen startups, the Seed Capital executive team understands just how difficult it is to secure funding and turn an idea into reality. Seed Capital’s mission is to assist entrepreneurs in financing their start-ups through innovative funding and credit building techniques. By providing the cash credit lines needed to launch a business our clients benefit from our team’s vast knowledge and experience. We strive to connect every client with the financial resources needed to achieve a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage. Our services assist clients in developing sound, scalable business models with clear paths to revenue and our policies have been created to ensure that the motivations of our clients and our firm are clearly aligned

How Seed Capital can assist in the development of your business.

Product and Tech Incubator

After taking the time to write a thorough business plan detailing your concept, it may be hard to believe that you haven’t thought of everything… But one thing we can guarantee to add is perspective. The founders of Seed Capital will review your concept (under NDA) and make positive suggestions and recommendations. Those could be for potential clients, partners, employees or even possible material changes to the revenue model. Every business is different but it’s a good bet that we know someone who can help take yours to the next level.

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Do You Qualify for the 50K Guarantee?

Seed Capital guarantees at least $50,000 in Cash Business Lines or their program is FREE. The program is based on Stated Income, provides Unsecured Credit Lines, and Startups are OK!

  • Equipment Purchases
  • Working Capital
  • Pay off Debt
  • Payroll
  • Expand Business
  • Buy Assets
  • Start Business
  • Inventory
  • Emergency Funds

Financial Services

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