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Since 1994 has started multiple successful online and local businesses and has also been asked to speak by multiple other companies on an international platform.

Topics he specializes in are :
Crypto Currency

Mitch has been headhunted by companies help expand their online and local presence. So he founded a promotional company ‘Alliance2K’ to take little-known clients that offer the right tools and technology for entrepreneurs to launch and leap ahead of their competitor’s worldwide. Since 2011 Mitch has seen the freedom that Bitcoin provides and the investment opportunity.

Is a businessman, an innovator, a social media and marketing prodigy, and an angel investor. Born in Troy, Ohio in 1997 and raised in Tucson, Arizona, he currently makes Utah’s Provo-Orem area his home and base of operation. He established his first company, the social media promoter Mark-IT One, at the age of 12. His clients represent a wide range of industries, from the world of entertainment to non-profit organizations. Now, as founder and CEO of the recently launched ZuGoDo Inc., Jens is steadily revolutionizing the way we utilize social networking and the role it plays in our lives. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, conventions, and schools, where he teaches both the techniques and mindset needed to succeed in business, as well as in life. He is also known for several companies such as Really Cool Humans TV, The App LLC, The App Marketing, and The App Capital.

Clint has a Business Degree in Finance and is entrepreneurial spirited. He has owned and operated several business ventures. He is always looking for the next business opportunity and welcomes the challenge. In his free time, Clint, loves to stay busy riding his dirt bikes, working in the garage and spending time with his family.
Ron brings a unique skill set to the crypto training program. He has founded several highly successful companies and has expertise in both Business opportunity training & marketing, investing in and developing start-up companies and cryptocurrency. Ron’s wide experience with investing and his exposure to the early days of the internet will give our students a very unique insight to the new blockchain universe.

He then studied at Brigham Young University, with a Major in Mandarin Chinese Language and a Minor in International Relations. Ron then studied at Shr Da University in Taipei.

While in Taiwan, Ron was the Vice President of Lushing Enterprises, the largest importer of water filtration equipment in the country. Ron also, founded the California Language Institute which contracted with elementary schools and large corporations to teach the English as a Second Language program to over 60,000 students all told. He also founded Focus International Modeling Agency that brought US models to Taiwan for major advertising campaigns. He eventually sold this interest to a New York based modeling agency.

In 1993, Ron founded World Internetworks which became a publicly traded company under the Nasdaq symbol WINW with a market cap of $88 million. It was an internet marketing & website design company that operated several websites and provided website design and hosting for over 75,000 websites. Annual sales approx. $30 million.

Ron was a founding partner of The Internet Treasure Chest, a highly successful informercial that taught people how to develop and market websites. The project ran for 5+ years and sold over 100,000 websites.

Since 2005 Ron has owned Online Marketing Group which is a wholesale online distribution company, marketing and selling products through sites such as Amazon, Overstock.com, eBay, and Gunbroker.com. He also provides consulting services for companies regarding importing/exporting, telemarketing and product sourcing.

Ron was in charge of all the online coaching for National Grants Seminars and along with Eric taught all of their 3 days live hands-on training classes for 5 years.

Along with Breck & Eric: Ron has had exposure to Bitcoin mining since 2011 and has been fully immersed in Blockchain investing since early 2017.


Eric has a very diverse background and brings a unique skill set to the crypto training program. His early experience along with Breck as some of the 1st people to mine Bitcoin, coupled with his 3+ decades of national and international business experience and his passion for Blockchain technology and the belief that it can change peoples lives, makes him the perfect teacher to help guide people in their crypto journey.

With a background as a Design Engineer in the ammunition manufacturing industry, Eric was Head of Design for Barnes Bullets. Eric is credited for designing hundreds of projectiles with ground breaking features that changed the way bullets functioned terminally and has since been copied throughout the shooting industry. Eric then moved to the sales side of the business and served as National Sales Manager.

Eric then spent the next 10 years working with the Law Enforcement Sales Group for ATK, a large Defense Contractor to the U.S. Military. ATK owned Federal Cartridge Ammunition, CCI/Speer Ammunition Group, Morton Thiokol, Hercules Aerospace and ran the Lake City Arsenal under contract for the U.S. Military. Collectively, ATK was the largest ammunition company in the world. It was his expertise in Wound Ballistics and projectile design coupled with a strong sales background from Barnes that led him to the roll as Western Sales Manager for the LE group. He grew sales from 4 million annually, to over 11 million annually.

Eric then worked on an international level with officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria regarding radiation detection and the impacts of such on international safety.

Eric also continues to consult State and local agencies on ammunition and ballistic issues, lecturing a few days a year and conducting hands on research with them to further their understanding of issues related to ammunition, from lead toxicity in birds of prey to terminal performance of given projectiles used for hunting or by Law Enforcement personnel.

Eric helped teach thousands of students of National Grants Seminars how to market on eBay and how to source products worldwide.

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