Bridgegate has been a motion picture production company for the past 20 years. We have a philosophy that is successful and repeatable. Bridgegate is one of the very few worldwide production companies that is a full service motion picture producer. The company offers a production division along with a full service Post Production house, The only production company that offers Post production in full Barco Escape post equipment and Barco Escape equipment rental. It is one of a kind.

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We took the company Public in July of 2016 and the company’s current stock value is at $52m. We offer an investment arm for Capital Raise activities for our current slate of full features. We offer the investors 2 options for capital participation. We offer the ability for an investor to become a full partner with the production company. We stick by the first money in, first money out standards. Our investors are paid back their investment first before the company receives any profit and this offers the investor the opportunity to be a 50/50 partner with the production company and receive Executive Producer Credit. The other option is that the investor is give a “convertible Note option”. This is a note given to the investor securing their financial investment against company stock with a 10% guaranteed return on the investment also secured by the company stock model.

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